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By Sallymair

Vroom vroom

I pulled in behind this beast at the traffic lights on the way to church this morning, I don't think I've ever seen one before - or even heard of one, off a race track. My little polo did very well to keep up as we took off and moved at warp factor two to 40 miles an hour (yes it's allowed). Well perhaps not the warp factor 2 bit!
Sadly I turned off at the next junction so I don't know if he kept up the challenge or not, I felt I should maybe get a badge for not being left at the starting line though. Did I ever mention that for my 50th birthday the girls bought me a rally driving experience at Knockhill race track?
We had the former Primus taking the service today as our Rector is on holiday, hopefully he and his wife will come again.
I was on coffee duty today and came across some old boxes and tins in one of the kitchen cupboards. We've no idea where they all came from, they look a bit like somebody has cleared their dad's (or their mum's) tool and junk cupboards out. I'm sure they've not been there for long though. I came across one box which had all the church hall window lock keys in it. We have been searching for them for a good year, and there they were, all in a nicely labelled tin. Clearly St Anthony heard somebody's cries for help! Result!
This afternoon I set to and made the Christmas cake. I made a small one this year in the hope that we might actually consume a reasonable amount of it. It's going, wrapped in greaseproof paper, into a tin to be fed copious amounts of alcohol for the next couple of months.
We watched the second episode of Ridley Road this evening, I don't think it's for me though. I'm in need of a lighter touch just now I think.
On the way back from church this morning I passed a Ferrari - high class cars we have in EH4!
Stay safe everyone, I'm beginning to make plans for next year with some sense of expectation that they might actually come to fruition!

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