By lgrcecldwll


I woke up tired but fresh. Juliet & I got ready and I spent the morning showing her the sights of the SouthSide. She was so taken with it. It’s hard not to be.

I’m starting to relax into life here, I can feel it in my body. I’m so much less anxious and so much more present.

After coffee and a cream brioche Juliet headed home. She left and I didn’t feel like crying. Infact I lay in the afternoon sun streaming through my window and napped.

I do feel a little like I’ve been on holiday the last 10 days, so I forced myself to do my Sunday things as I’m determined to start this week right.

I made soup. Roasted veg for dinner. I pottered around and moved things around. Hung pictures. Did my final weights work out of the week. I lit the candles and drew the curtains. I ate while I watched sex education.

I played Adam Holmes and sketched. All evening. Uninterrupted. God it was absolutely blissful.

I love it here. I love my sanctuary.

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