By lgrcecldwll

Holy moly

I was not feeling my freshest when I woke up. I cannot remember the last time I stayed up until 3am but I was just having SO MUCH FUN.

I wish I could put into words how good it feels to be with my friends again. Meeting new people. Being sparkly.

I am however going to need to be more aware of my bedtimes, I’m considerably older than the last time I lived in the city.

I had a bath, made myself brunch and then drove to Edinburgh to collect Juliet & the lovely lampshades she got off fb marketplace for me. They are sold out in IKEA so a total find.

We ate huge flatbreads with halloumi and chips pre gig. Then we waited an hour at the train station for a train that was not literally crammed with drunken Scotland fans.

We got there eventually. Conrad caught us at the door, he is one of the worlds good eggs.
And then they played. And we danced. Just like nothing had changed.

I’ve grabbed my life back by the balls and I intend on doing a lot more dancing.

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