By DonnaWanna

Mono Monday - The Godfather of Clouds

Luke Howard (28 November 1772 – 21 March 1864) was a British manufacturing chemist and an amateur meteorologist with broad interests in science. His lasting contribution to science is a nomenclature system for clouds, which he proposed in an 1802 presentation to the Askesian Society. Because of this, Howard is referred to as "The Godfather of Clouds", the "namer of the clouds", and the "father of meteorology".
There is more, much more in fact and so I’ve added the link If you feel the urge to look further ; ). Bottom line is he invented the idea of naming clouds.
My image is from sunset tonight, loved the shapes and the fingers of light which worked well in the Layout app ; ) Colour version in extras!

My bad news this morning was that the specialist was just back from holidays and was heavily booked and I cant get an appointment until the 28th October, my heart sank!  They told me to keep it taped firmly to the next finger and it should be ok!  Oh I really hope so because I havent got much choice!! 

Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting ; o)

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