By dfb24

"Invented" in the 19th Century

The first photographic camera made for commercial manufacture was invented in 1839 by Alphonse Giroux. In 1841, Charles Chevalier created a double box camera that was half the size of the Giroux. An all metal camera was developed about the same time in Germany which had a lens, and was nearly 30 times faster than any other camera of this period. This lens was also the first in the history of photography to be used specifically for portraits until 1889. Within a decade of the camera being introduced to America, 3 new general forms were invented: the American-box camera, the Robert's-type camera and the Lewis-type camera, and so began a new period in the history of photography.
I took a picture of this photo, which is of my great-great grandfather, who was "invented" (so to speak) in 1852 in Vardo, Finnmark, Norway. At the age of 29, in June of 1881,  he came to the United States through the Port of Philadelphia. Shortly after arriving he had this photo taken--no doubt with one of these early cameras--in his one and only leather suit, and sent the photo to his wife to show he'd arrived safely. She treasured the photo, and she, along with their children---the oldest, a son, and my great-grandmother--joined him the following year. They settled in the Dakota Territory and he became a citizen in 1890. (at that time, a wife & any children held the naturalization status of the husband/father, so when he became a citizen, so did they).  They eventually moved & settled in Minnesota, where they are all buried.
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