This Beautiful World

By michelleleon

Becoming A Writer

Becoming a writer has been a difficult thing for me ever since I decided to go to school for journalism and have my work be read by others. I struggled with the anxiety of it all during my internships and freelance writing jobs after college. And here I am years later still feeling the anxieties but the difference is I’m wanting to change and not run away. Being a creative is hard but it’s also such a beautiful journey of self discovery anywho here is the new book I’m reading. It’s my first one by Stephen King.

I’ve just rediscovered blipfoto as I’ve realized its been so long since I’ve documented my life on Blipfoto it’s something that I use to look forward to and after going back and reading about my days it’s given me so much joy to remember back on things I have forgotten about. The things I’ve noticed most have been past relationships, relationships with family and the relationship I have my self. I think documenting my life again can be a great way for me to rediscover some stories that are meaningful to me as well as heal those that no longer serve me.

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