Reikes small life...

By Reike

Schilt 2299m and Tristli 2286m, and a fall

A brilliant day! Until a bit later.

I saw so many animals, deer, 26 ibexes and an eagle! Hiked two really nice peaks (photos here)! Then went off to bag a third one, decided to do a big step down the slope and landed face-forward bang on my knees. 

First sitting out the pain, then tried to ignore it, pretending I can still do the third peak until I admitted it's not gonna happen. Descending was no fun, but I met a kind family who gave me painkillers and took Djeili so that she can't pull me anymore. Turned out I even know them from a friend - having met once in winter for drinks in a mountain hut. We did not recognize each other at first due to the missing hats and other wooly stuff needed then!

Hospital took x-rays, thankfully not a broken knee :) 
But I reckon there will be no hiking this week and I have some time off. Booooooo!

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