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Alloa OG Livi Day Out...

There is a rather good exhibition at Howden Park Centre documenting the history of Livingston Skatepark with photos, old plans and various nik naks.

We were all on holiday or recovering from heart transplants so decided a wee day out to the jewel of West Lothian.  After we'd seen the exhibition, took a wee drive round to walk the hallowed concrete.  Alas it was wet so didn't bring boards it it was nice to just walk round it with 2 of my OG Alloa skate crew.  We actually met on a council run bus trip to Livingston an age ago.

Was a great day out and it also re-ignited the Alloa shotgun rules which are brutal and unlike any other I know of.  Most shotgun rules (who gets front seat with the driver) are decided when the transport can be seen on day of initiating travel. Alloa shotgun rules are that front seat can be baggied as soon as trip is announced and his heart transplant has not dulled Joni's timing nor memory of such practices.  The new world of instant messaging groups has evened the playfield and he had it called within seconds without missing a beat.  Big thanks to Jeeps for driving us.

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