By Arachne


Today was more of what I remember from my previous time working for the organisation I praised so lavishly yesterday. Before I was out of bed this morning I had a phone call asking me to write a six-monthly report on the services I have been looking after for three weeks. By lunch time. Today was not one of my working days. This evening I had a request to go to a meeting on another of the days I'm not paid for. 

I wrote the report. I agreed to go to the meeting. I will have a discussion about paid working hours when I'm next in.

In between I had a really good long session with the architect working on the plans for my house. After months in the doldrums (not his fault) I begin to see progress. It's good to be informed of what's going on behind the scenes. I've recently told him that I know it's beyond his comprehension but if I am presented with a 2D drawing I can't visualise it as 3D. It is beyond his comprehension but he showed me some 3D images and swooped round the house in 3D and I began to believe that I might have a habitable home one day.

It was also beyond his comprehension that I managed to cater for four last week, including a delicious if unevenly risen birthday cake, with a combi-microwave and a two-ring camping-gas stove.

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