Ramblings from Zambia....

By dcafrica


As I mentioned yesterday I am at a workshop and we are pre-testing materials that will hopefully assist in the Early Childhood Development in Malawi. So today we went out to a rural community outside Lunzu, where we met different groups in the community to pre-test the materials. I took a lot of pictures but decided to use this one.

Most of the ladies who attended the meetings were in bare feet and yet this small child was clad in what looked like new shoes to me! He was dressed in his best for the occasion. I have other pictures of Mothers and babies dressed in mere rags.

The other reason I love this picture is that he is busy playing with an empty water bottle (which one of our team had given him). In Malawi these are the toys our children play with and through which they can develop to the same extent as those children in the Western world whose parents pay lots of money on 'plastic toys'!! I could write a book on this subject so let me stop here!!

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