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Saving the #PRclimate one day at a time

It’s hot on everybody’s agenda and we’re sure everyone here on Blipfoto tries to do their best for planet Earth so we’re not starting a new campaign here. 

But, who is it that saves a record of how our communities are being affected by changes in the climate?  Who is it that records people taking part in protests or being impacted by major climatic events? Who notices the changes year on year because they have documented the evidence? Who spots positive things that are being done to lessen the impact on the climate?  Who writes their own views on climate change, often triggered by a photo they’ve taken?

Our campaign is actually already here but hidden within our worldwide journals.

Last year, you tagged some incredible images for ‘Saving One Photo A Day Whatever The Weather”, picked up by The Guardian. It helped showcase Blipfoto and created a really captivating photo-essay.  We hope many of those people who spotted Blipfoto and joined us soon after are still here enjoying the site and community!

Many publications like to create summaries around the end of the year so we’d like to try again to showcase your photos and reflect the historical significance of Blipfoto.  There’s only one person who knows your journal well enough to pick them out…and that’s you!  

We need your help, of course, to make this happen!

Some blippers already use the tag #climatechange and #climate but we like to make sure you’re happy with us using your photo and a few accompanying words.  So, please, when you can, look back through your journal and tag entries that you think reflect climate change and tag them #PRclimate. This will help us locate them and let us know you’re happy for us to share your images and relevant words with the media.  Please continue to do this until the end of the year. Last year, we were busy locating images for the end of December right down to the wire!

We are looking for images taken in 2021.

We’d like to represent each month of the year in 2021.

We’d like to reflect concern for the environment but also represent a more positive outlook e.g. images of:

the impact on humans 
the impact of humans
climate change on the environment 
climate change on wildlife 

as well as:

photos that have triggered you to comment on climate change
any impacts the pandemic has had on climate change

Remember, you can search for images where you have mentioned the climate by typing into the search bar:  

by journalname climate   OR @journalname climate 

To search for images where you have tagged your entry climate or climatechange try this:

by journalname tagged climate  OR  @journalname #climate 

If this doesn’t work for you, please feel free to enjoy browsing back through your journal to locate the one you’re thinking about :)

If you have a relevant image or images you could share for media purposes either:


Tag them #PRclimate (for Press Release Climate)
Send us an email with links to your journal entries to:
Add a comment here with links to your journal entries

Add a snippet of any extra information you think we would find useful e.g. location including country, season, explanation of climate impact.


The questions we think you might have are here but please ask us in the comments or by email if you have another query.

Q. Do the images need to be of the changing climate?
No, we’re looking for photos of weather, people, events, activities, new technology, etc.  If you think it’s linked to climate change in some way, please tag it!

Q.  Do we credit you?  
Yes - we will add your journal name like this: ‘Photograph: WharfedaleBex/Blipfoto’ but by all means, we can use your image anonymously if you prefer.

Q.  Will you share a URL weblink to my actual journal?
No.  We are only looking to use images from your journals with information about the event. 

Q.  Must the image have been taken on the day?
A.  Yes.

Our collective images and journal write-ups may well have a positive impact on other people and of course, at the same time, highlight Blipfoto.  

We hope you can help.

Many thanks
Richard and Bex

(Blippers: richard & WharfedaleBex) 

Photo with kind permission from blipper gblrps

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