Architecture . . .

My son's house is in a "gated" community of approximately 50 properties.  The area has a groundsman who takes care of all the communal spaces etc.
I was amused to see, when wandering around, that this property (recently sold and about to be demolished apparently) has a 'viewing' tower as the only part of the home visible from the street. I have no idea what they could see, apart from into others gardens as there is no real view.....
One neighbour is an artist and has two large statues in the street - this one is I believe of Goya.
Another lovely sunny day; another dip in a very cool pool and a lovely warm up on sun lounger thereafter reading a book.  Decidedly lazy day - but lovely none the less.  The little grands go back to school tomorrow.
We play a version of Monopoly based on Washington DC where the kids spent the last 4+ years before coming back to Zaragoza. Weird, but fun!

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