Today we packed Renfrebar's stuff in the trailer and H0tamer and R. went to the long journey to Innsbruck.
So I had a "free" gap and decided to make a visit to the ONE TREE.
Is is my neglected project. My last visit was in April. (Really? Shame over me) Since it is too difficult for Omo to walk downhill it is close to impossible to get there. And because he needs 7/24 care and is very fixed to me, even a visit on my own didn't work neither.
I planed to drive to the other side of the hill. This path isn't too steep. But the road was closed because of a building site.
So we took an alternate path. I was really proud that Omo managed to get to the ONE TREE and back to the car.
I made a lot of blips, but (here we go again) now it is too late to blip them in the Hanulli Tree Project. But I love our selfie. Omo hates to take selfies, so we needed a lot (!) of tries to get this. :-D

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