By MarilynParker

Geocaching around Byrom Hall Wood

Was out caching with my caching pals today. There were 8 caches in the series and one other which Ian had done before but I hadn't. See extra photo of that cache.
You'd think a set of 8 caches might be easy but some were not easy at all and the hints were not even relevant - they were relevant to the cache container but not to how to find it! One example was "Conifer, head high" but there were no conifers around LOL.We only had one DNF (did not find). That one was a tiny cache allegedly at the base of a tree in grass but we think it must be invisible or a squirrel has stolen it.
Still unable to book the booster jab and getting mightily fed up with trying.
Also fed up with hearing about possible shortages at Christmas - it's October! Saying there may be shortages will cause panic buying. What is it that people are so afraid of if they can't get mountains of food for Christmas Day?! So what, nobody will die if they don't have a turkey! I remember we once had beans on toast for Christmas dinner as the oven was broken. I don't remeber bothering baout it - in fact we laughed. There is an obscene amount of food waste at Christmas so maybe this year there will be less! 

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