Demented Housewife

By minxydudette

Where's My Son!?!?

Taylor fetched his proof photo home from school last week, this is what we received..and it really is THAT small.

It took me 20 minutes of squinting to try and find him and even then I got it wrong, all three times of guessing. I eventually had to admit defeat and ask him where he is!

Now I know, it's blatantly obvious but I wasn't the only one who couldn't find him!

His dad, my mum, my brother David and even Dana (though she did eventually figure it out without asking) all struggled and got it wrong too!!

I totally agree with what our David said .. It just goes to show how grown up Taylor is now and how tall he's got too. And as I said, he no longer stands out from the crowd which is a really good sign :)

Any of you want to try and have a go at finding him? Just comment below and I will reply with the answer tomorrow!!

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