Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Study Morning

Our last RPS Zoom of this batch of flower editing tutorials with Celia Henderson. I've previously chosen colours from the flowers with the eyedropper tool but now I know how to extract 256 colours from the image..... and then choose 2 with the eyedropper tool!

I wanted to try out the technique on today's blip as it's always better to do things while they're fresh in your mind, though I had to resort to the print-out and recording to get all the steps right.  It took a while!

I'd bought some flowers for a course at the studio on Sunday so they came in handy. I was complaining to The Man about the condition of them and he had to remind me that, on the Zoom this morning, we'd been editing a dead tulip! 

Dead tulips are great and have a lot of character but I think our students would think we'd let them down if all I brought along was a vase of dead flowers!

I've faffed enough and not got this posted on the day so I'm stopping here with this one. I think I need to be more subtle next time.

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