By Chris_P

‘Packing up‘

It’s 10.30 on a Saturday morning, ‘parkrunday’ at Cramond Promenade. After 45 minutes, activity at the finish - which had reached a crescendo just before 10 - has quietened right down again and the packing up is underway.

The two tail walkers are just finishing. No one finishes last at parkrun - that’s the tail walkers’ job. They also carry the kilometre markers and various direction signs back from out on the course. The group who were just ahead of them, can be seen by the van.

(Tail walkers at parkrun come in twos these days, so that if someone gets into difficulty on the course, one can stay with them while the other can carry on at the end of the field.)

520 runners, joggers and walkers completed the 5k course today - Edinburgh parkrun’s 12th anniversary. It’s out and back along the Firth of Forth, with a loop at the end - a bit like a long, slightly bendy, spoon!

Another 10 minutes, and you’d never know we’d been there… part of the magic of parkrun!

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