An old friend, and possibly a new one?

We continued some work in the garden today, mostly planting things that we've bought & collected over the past 3 or 4 weeks. I left Marlane jet washing the patio and the front drive. The workers did a good job of tidying up after themselves but there's always dust and maybe a bit of soil of boots etc.
When I got back from my trip, below, I found Marlane had also started setting up her hand made trellis, which I will probably blip tomorrow.
I took off on my bike for some relaxation and went to Harley Davidson in Cheltenham to have a look at the new Sportster S. My bike is a Sportster 1200T but the new one is very different. I don't think I'd be changing just yet, the new one looks a bit of a monster with much bigger tyres, which were not liked too much in a review by MCN (MotorCycle News). It appears to have lost that definitive 'Harley' quality too. It will be interesting to see how sales go.
On the way back I popped into the Jet Age Museum. Haven't visited for some time and there have been a few, very positive, changes to the displays. It was pretty quiet in there, about half a dozen people wandering about but I suspect it was busier in the morning, and Sundays always were busier when I used to volunteer there.
And my old friend? Avro Vulcan B2 XM569, forward fuselage section only I'm afraid, or as most people would refer to it 'The cockpit'.
I used to conduct tours of the Vulcan cockpit before the museum was built, and continued after we moved it to the current position, as in the photo. I even wrote a booklet about the history of XM569.

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