Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo

A Tale of Woe

Saturday was a nice day — several degrees warmer than the day before, and no rain. Hamish ate two healthy meals and enjoyed his walk. It was downhill from there. He started barking as we were falling asleep. We both lost count of how many times we separately got up to console him and then had to repeat it. I took him for a walk at 2:00 am. That seemed to do the trick, but not for long. This was one of the times when hearing loss is a blessing. I was able to fall asleep while Cynthia was still kept awake. 

I looked at my health app this morning and found that I had walked 0.7 miles and slept 4.5 hours. My son T was due to arrive at 11:30 with his 90 lb dog, Luke. The plan was to walk the dogs and then have lunch at dog-friendly Boundary Bay brewpub. The weather was not kind -- heavy rain and much colder. The trail looked like a stream in places. While we walked, C texted to inform me that our power was off.

Hamish did not enjoying having the mud hosed off his undercarriage before we drove back to the house, took off our dripping rain gear, and went to BB. The day seemed much brighter when we were sitting next to an overhead propane heater on the deck, enjoying good food. It was the third visit for Hamish, so he felt quite at home. He was busy cleaning up after previous careless diners and bullying Luke, when he wasn’t lording it sitting on my lap.

Our power came back on late in the afternoon, as I sat next to the gas fire, then H and I had our siesta. Here’s hoping for a peaceful, uninterrupted night.

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