Many poets and writers through time have described the White Mountains as sublime, "of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe."    That's how I feel about these mountains.  The Crawford Notch area has 8 waterfalls that are most impressive and over the years I've seen them all.  This is Silver Cascade, aptly named.  The White Mountains may not have the ragged peaks of the Rockies because they are much, much older.  They have a quality all their own and people have been coming here for over 200 years.  Many stay at the Mt. Washington Hotel.  It is one of the last of the New England grand hotels.  It has a fascinating history and you can read about it here(If you ever stay there, try to get room 314, the most haunted hotel room!)  I've added extra photos of the hotel, a view of Stowe, Vermont and a sublime sight that greeted me from my hotel room balcony.   

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