Go girl!

hpx pulls off an old school surfing move on Eve's long board. Not bad for an old girl ;-)

Just a bit of fooling around before I made my morning coffee today. Thanks to my mate Eve who is a real photographer.

I'm faster large :-)

I didn't fall off and break anything and are heading for the mountains at silly o'clock early tomorrow morning. We have food but my gear is literally all over the lounge floor. I keep glancing at it as I type but it's not finding its way into my pack.

I have that familiar excited feeling. The days won't be as big as last Sunday but they'll keep up honest. We are heading to a couple of little bivvys (basic huts providing very basic shelter and facilities - usually only 2 bunks with mattresses). We have a tent too in case we miss out on bunks. Saturday and Sunday all depend on the weather. We might head up a small peak, or cross the valley and head up a hanging valley (formed by a glacier during the last glaciation). Nice eh :-)

I'm well behind in commenting and haven't even sorted all my photos from last Sunday. But the lure of the mountains is calling. It's good for my soul so off I go.

I've slipped in some Zinnias from yesterday if you're interested.I'd best be off and get that gear sorted and packed.

Peace to you this Easter time.

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