By WilsonsNewDad


Moles are solitary creatures, so when Mole came to live with Wilson even the concept of a name was alien to him – he never encountered anyone else, so he had no need of a 'name'.
Wilson said he couldn't just address him by his taxonomic species, so he decided to be known as Mole the Mole.
Today, he came in to speak to Wilson.
'I've been thinking' he said, 'and I think I might like a proper name'
Wilson nodded encouragingly and asked if he had anything in mind.
'Well,' he replied, 'I think Maurice is a very nice name – like Maurice Chevalier!'
Wilson raised his eyebrows and puffed out his cheeks before replying.
'Maurice? It's a nice enough name, but Maurice Mole? I'm not a fan of alliterative names – they strike me as clichéd.'
After a moment's thought he continued, 'What about Nigel? It's unusual and distinguished, and it so happens that there's a national shortage of Nigels at the moment – you could help fill the shortfall!'
'Nigel Mole' Mole said out loud – 'I'm really not sure…'
For the time being at least, it seems that our mole will continue to be Mole the Mole…

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