Life through the lens...

By ValC

Golden Acre Park

A truly golden day for our visit to the park.

( this is a shortened version as have just lost my write up)

Had a lovely walk round with lunch at the cafe.
Mr C walked to the end of the lake and back without a stick.
Really feel that we are getting there at last.

Although the display of dahlias were still looking good, it was the chrysanthemums which were the stars today.
( have you spotted MrC?)

I was fascinated by a gorgeous white flowering tree which really stood out against the blue sky.
Never noticed it before. What looked like leaves were lethal green spikes!
No idea what it is. I wonder if any Blippers know as I can’t find it on the internet. Certainly not a native tree. See extra photos.

Although it is beautiful and sunny it has turned very cold. 4C when we left home.
Glad we had scarves and gloves.
I do love days like this. More to come I hope.

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