By JeanSnaps

Cyclamen with aphid.

A cold sunny morning. I had nothing to do except go and get by flu jab and my covid booster shot about mid day. Had a nice normal breakfast, read, did crosswords and went off to the Victoria Hall in Auchtermuchty.  It was relaxed and  well organised. Sat for ten to fifteen minutes then went off home and spent the entire day on the sofa reading apart from a sortie into the garden. My new cyclamen were flowering  and a lot of autumn crocus had appeared  for the first time.  Usually I only have one or two.  I had meant to go off looking for photos in the car but decided to play it safe.  Drank lots of water as I was told to do and apart from sore arms felt OK.  I'm planning to spend tomorrow and the weekend in much the same way. I need some solitude to recharge my batteries.

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