Over The Garden Fence

Went out between the showers, into the garden to find a blip for today's Flower challenge.  I had not got to the bottom of the lawn when I saw this fuchsia peeping at me over the little trellis fence that separates the lawn from the rest of the garden.  The whole plant is behind the fence, these flowers must have wanted to see what was on the other side.
Thank you to BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday challenge, and for keeping us amused with her Smile For The Day.

Thank you for your comments for my moon shot from yesterday.
Happy Birthday to Blipfoto for 17 wonderful years of this amazing community.  It is so much a part of so many people's day that there would be a big hole in our lives without it.  Thank you to the team who keep the show on the road.  Long may it continue.

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