By isbi


This is a quick EB.
Mr isbi went up to town to get some hydrochloric acid for the pool which we are getting ready for summer. It was 32C today so won't be far off.
 You don't swim in it (the acid). Apparently it will help get the pH down and reduce the cloudiness.
Yesterday he went over to Dave's (aka rustycrapp) and between them they unjammed the filter lever with the biggest set of multigrips you've ever seen. They were sure it would break but the only alternative was to buy a replacement so it was worth a try. I'm sorry I wasn't there to blip the performance.
Anyway, he returned from town with several punnets of seedlings for me to plant so that took precedence over a walk and blip hunt.
Now it's 7:30pm and I have to think about dinner. That's the problem with daylight saving.

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