Chasing Crickets or One Job Leads to Another

Chasing Crickets or One Job Leads to Another
As we were out in the car today and near Sedgeway Business Park Fran asked us to pick up some 'Brown House Crickets'. These are for Dan, Aiden's Pet Rankin Dragon (see entry for the 10th August). 

As I knew we were going to her house tomorrow I just brought them home. 

The other day I watched Aiden and Beanie feed the Crickets to Dan and wondered if there was an easier method. While I was in Ely Exotics I asked Tom about this and he showed us an interesting 'Small Cricket Pen' and me being me, I bought one. 

The next task was then to transfer the Crickets out of the packaging. I said to Sue 'That should be easy'. I found a large Plastic box to contain the crickets in as we did the transfer. 

A good thing I did. Every time we tried we ended up with more in the big plastic box  than in the Cricket Pen. 

We have transferred most of them. 

The rest will have to wait until we get back from our COVID Booster and Flu Jab

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