make like a Tree

I jumped on this when it was first released to the public, after TFP gave me a Post-It with the URL on, as I'd recently started getting back into photography after working my way up to a half-decent digital camera after a few years without a working film camera, then a few months getting really into Flickr.

Despite recent gaps (which I have the photos to eventually fill) it's still a memory bank. If I need to find a photo of either child at a particular age or wearing a particular hat, I know where to look. If I want to know when I went somewhere, it's usually recorded here, long before my phone started logging my every position.

Sometime you do more than one thing in any single day but there's almost always something worth noting, whether it be recorded by a long and rambling description,. a poem, a succinct note or even just a rushed filler photo with neither description, tags nor text which will take a while to work out what it was actually of.

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