Marking Time

By Libra

Wildlife gardening workshop

We can all do our bit for climate change by encouraging more wildlife in our gardens.  But how?

Well, even a small pond made from a plastic bucket will offer some support .

But an unexpected one I learnt today  from a free workshop  run by Froglife, is to practise a bit of benign neglect.  Instead of having a  manicured garden  just let nature take over some quiet corners.

Froglife, the national charity , is committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and their associated habitats.

It is one of only eight conservation groups invited to the Glasgow Climate COP26 conference therefore we were delighted to have one of their staff members, Mirran Trimble,  come along to give us a workshop on wildlife gardening.

Photo: Wildlife gardening workshop- Mirran Trimble of Froglife with some of the workshop participants.

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