By isbi

MonoMonday: Invention

I can't find any information on who invented this and when. It must have been a "creeping assumption" (new Australian term for when no one admits responsibility).
Anyway it's known as a plumber's eel here. Useful for clearing blocked drains.

We didn't have a blockage, but Mr isbi accompanied me on a shopping trip to Aldi once and found they were (still) on sale. He put one in the trolley and I said "but you bought one last week". He said he hadn't, he had just looked at them.
Not one to argue with my husband, and as I appreciate a bargain, I let him buy it. We now have two :-)
Actually it's not a bad idea. With one at the Blackheath house and the other at the farm there's half a chance we will have one where it's needed and not at the other place like most tools.

Thanks for hosting with great themes this month Laurie.

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