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By Damnonii

Double trouble...

Backblipped 26.10.21

I promised Anna and Faith we would have a halloween party while they were here.  I also invited Esme and today was the day.  The morning was spent getting the halloween decorations put up.

It's 18 months since Esme and Faith last saw each other and I wondered if their budding friendship from then would take off again.  I needn't have worried :-)

Nikki, Andrew and Esme and our niece Jennifer arrived just after 3pm.  The girls had a swim first.  Much fun in the pool.  They are all fearless.  Jennifer and Nikki helped me get the buffet ready.

After their fun time in the pool Esme, Anna and Faith got into their halloween costumes (Esme was a skeleton to start off with them morphed into Elsa, Anna a unicorn and Faith a fairy princess) and we all enjoyed some food.  Then the fun began!

We played a halloween bean bag toss game, pin the nose on the witch (all of us played that, the adults being spun round three times much to the amusement of the girls) dooking for apples (Anna was at a distinct disadvantage as she is missing her front teeth) eating doughnuts from a string, and musical games including limbo dancing.  Esme and Faith played piano and sang for us (my ears are still bleeding from that!) 

The girls were still running about hyper when it was time for Esme to go home.  Esme and Faith gave each other the biggest cuddle at the end and as Andrew carried Esme to the car Faith was at the door shouting "Bye bye my friend."  It was so sweet.

I am so glad I organised this party.  On Friday as I sat planning how the day would run and realising the work involved, I was beginning to regret the whole idea.  But seeing the girls (and the grown ups) having such great fun made it all worthwhile.  So much laughter and all of us joining in (I think there were 10 children at the party instead of 3 :-))

I only took photos on my phone as there was so much going on and I was doing so much I didn't want to risk leaving my camera lying around between shots.  My blip shot is a candid snap.  I became aware that Esme and Faith were holding hands so I grabbed my phone from the counter top and managed to capture this little moment between them.  The composition is all to pot and the focus is rubbish but I think it's probably my favourite photo I've taken ever :-)

Once Anna and Faith were in bed S, L, D and I collapsed into comfy seats and nibbled some halloween treats.  We felt we deserved them :-))

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