Wine,Women & Song

By CelloNerd

Did anyone remember to bring a camera?

Were it not for blipfoto, the wonders of modern technology, and the fact that we are just a bunch of camera geeks, today's marvelous "blipmeet" luncheon would never have occurred.

I had the pleasure of enjoying Happy Hour at the Bellwether Hotel with my fellow blipsters Cynthia (LocalFoodLover), her hubby Phil (Pilipo), Ann, (ArtistAnnie) and her hubby Arvin, and blippers-on-the-go from Portland, Oregon, Terri (TerriG) and Laurie (LaurieT).

We chose to meet at the Bellwether because Ann has several paintings on display (photo by Cynthia), and because dining on the water on such a gorgeous day like today is such a delight. It was wonderful to finally meet in person people who I have thus far only known via their blip journals! I must say that Ann, and Laurie, and Terri are every bit as charming in person as they are via their words and blipfotos online.

Here is my delicious shrimp cocktail with a side of oyster on the halfshell with blueberry mignonette sauce, washed down with a Kona Coconut Amber. And here is what happens when several people aim their cameras at each other simultaneously. From Cynthia's expression, I suspect she may have inadvertently stepped directly into the vortex of it all!

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