By Chrelizg21


Back to fungi this afternoon. Tried some tiny ones amongst the grass & moss at the end of the garden - so-so, one or two could possibly be used. The lawn was about to be cut, so rescued a couple of much larger fungi & played around with them indoors. It's a mixture of natural light & that from a small LED, 5 shots stacked in Photoshop. I'd watched a couple of presentations which persuaded me to try Photoshop for the stacking - it sort of worked, but the image alignment seemed to require too great a shift. A couple of sections weren't as sharp as they should have been so a bit of extra fiddling was necessary. My CombineZP software couldn't cope with it, either, but at least I know enough about Photoshop to be able to try a workaround. Not 100% happy with the result - further practice/understanding needed!

I think the fungi were field blewits - anyone else would have eaten them, but I'm more confident when eating fungi which come from the supermarket!

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