By Clazel

Back to my Roots

I didn’t expect there to be a 300 blip anniversary- but here we are. These roots, this tree, in ‘my’ local Hookstone Woods is one of nature’s beauties that I notice through the seasons. The leaves left are still green, but the ground is carpeted with an autumnal letting go - so right now it’s between seasons, perhaps I feel a little like that myself.
What I’m really here to share though is the picture in extras from my recently arrived 2022 Calendar. My first venture into calendars, it’s largely made up of blips taken this year. However, this picture of a ‘glory’ predates that, and was taken in the Lake District on Ullock Pike about this time last year. Weather phenomena is the way I found blip, and Lake District weather phenomena - of which I have seen a couple of stunning examples this week on blip - thanks toTechnophobe and marpaul - holds a special place in my heart. The ‘glory’ and ‘brokenspectre’ which I first experienced 25 years ago on Wetherlam - and the path which unfolded has been a formative part of my life since then.
And blip feels part of that path, there is lots to be grateful for, I’ve still got a long way to go on the technical skills front, but I think perhaps that is less important to me than the sense of kindness and connection, that comes from the discipline of building a journal and the reciprocal sharing that sits along side that. I often feel I don’t have as much time as I would like to respond, so I’m grateful for your understanding too. Thank you and thanks also to those that keep the wheels of blip turning

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