Sadly I've had to miss a couple of Village Band practices since we got back together but I was there last week and again this evening. 

Every time I hear the mellow sound of my great grandfather's violin outclass my playing, I remember my teacher telling me when I was 15, just after I failed Grade 4, that I didn't deserve it and please could she buy it. I'm so glad that I was angry enough to keep going for another seven years, even though I did stop in my early 20s.

I also remember all those other adults who told me to stick at it because they really regretted having given up playing an instrument. I didn't pay much attention to old people's advice back then but now, after the extraordinary miracle of my fingers remembering more or less what they are supposed to do throughout the 40 years I didn't play, I know that they were right.

I just love the sound that we all make together, I'm entranced that I can be a part of that and I'm so glad I still have my great grandfather's violin.

PS from yesterday - I heard today that Amal's visit seems to have made quite a difference to public response here about the plight of refugees. The refugee charity I am temporarily working for is feeling positive about the day. We need to build on that.

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