By suehutton

Was that Beetlejuice?

Not quite. It was a runner in The Fractured Marathon sponsored by Peak Running at Calke Abbey.

I'm not having much luck with some of my character photos this week.  My Fuji cameras have a habit of flicking to Manual focusing when I least want it. So sorry this is blurred.

Basil and I had gone specially to see the pumpkin/gourd display in the walled garden not realising that all those beautiful gourds were being offered for sale. There weren't many left (see extra). We left by another exit and discovered the Gardeners' Tunnel (extra) which was so dark I had to turn on the torch on my phone. Basil was a teeny bit scared.

Rain set in as I was walking back to the café, so Baz and I dodged under the portico of the mansion where there was a most convenient seat. I welcomed in another couple who were getting very rained on. We had a cosy, dry corner and we chatted. The lady told me that the display goes on every year from the start of Nottingham Schools' half term week. Another time, in sh'Allah, I must get there a lot sooner.

The rut has started at Calke. I heard very loud baying but didn't spot the stag. Two others were grazing calmly in the park.

A kind family looked after Basil while I popped into the café to order gluten free scone with jam, cream AND butter, plus a latte. It's a circular ordering system, so when I came out of the door at the other end of the loop, I spotted Basil gazing intently at the door I went in. The rain had stopped so we were able to sit outside.

Different varieties of eating apples from the orchard were being offered for sale.

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