Windy Day on the Hill

Windy Day on the Hill
Got up this morning to another windy day on Haddenham Hill. But it was very windy. I stood looking out the window as I was making a cup of tea and watched the branches of the flowers, bushes and trees in the garden bend to the wishes of the wind. 
After I finished breakfast I rethought about my early morning view from the window and I thought about taking a slow shutter speed photo with the camera. 
BY THE TIME I had prepared myself with tripod, camera variable ND filter it had started raining quite heavily. Not being put off I had two choices 1). Switch camera from my Canon eos R to the Canon 5DMkiv as the later is better weather proof or try and find my umbrella. I decided to change the camera, I had no idea where the umbrella was!!  BY THE TIME I was ready again, The rain had stopped, the sun had come out and the wind had dropped. But I carried on. This was my third choice of composition. I took 10 shots at iso100; f/22; 1/6th second. Opened them as layers in photoshop, Stacked them into a smart object; Then selected the stack mode as mean.

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