By SamAgainPlease

On the omnibus

I caught a bus today!  First time since ... June 17 (I just checked my pass online).  It was only a brief trip (less than 3km) but a thrill nonetheless.  Actually it wasn't a thrill at all.  I do not miss the bus one bit.  My mother used to say to me "Don't say "Hate", it's such a strong word!". Sorry Mum, but I hate the bus.

23 years ago, when I was footloose and fancy free, I used to live in Manly and work in the city.  In order to get to work I would walk about 400m to the Manly Ferry Wharf, get on a ferry for the 33 minute journey across Sydney Heads, right at the zoo then left at the Opera House and then another walk at the other end.

The ferry would take about 2 minutes to get up to speed and then, on most days, it just purred along for the 25 minutes or so, monotonically, lulling many passengers to a gentle doze.  Then, just as it started to round the Opera House, the engine revs would slow and, in unison, everyone would wake up.  I'm not one to doze on public transport so I used to enjoy the spectacle - one moment, dead still heads - the next, everyone stirring.  Slowly at first because they knew they would have close to 5 minutes before we docked.

I used to sit outside often, especially if it was rough crossing the heads.  Now that was a thrill!

No sleeping this day...

I vowed I would never live anywhere else or work anywhere else.... But stuff happens - good stuff - but it has consequences.

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