By blowfish


Inspired by Matt Austin's recent string of wide-angle, high perspective, people-in-their-places-of-business portraits, I stopped by to see my friend's at Stir Crazy this afternoon. I'd begun the day with amazing breakfast tacos at Paco and John's (very reminiscent of ATX), then headed over to Avoca for some pour-overs and productivity on some school business. Then stopped in to the bakery and had a great chat with Robbie and her mom Kathy for a while, with her dad Gene stopping in later as well. Bought some buttermilk mini-pies, talked about art and photography, school, kids, life. Indeed, I figured I'd pick up a few sweets from the bakery for Leah and I as she would be finishing a big week of exams and studying. In fact, both of us had big weeks, so it was quite nice putzing around this morning, stopping in at some great locally owned and delicious food and drink locales, before meeting Leah for an outdoor lunch downstairs at Tillman's. It's a beautiful day in Fort Worth friends. We are going to a hockey game tonight, so no Critical Mass.

Alternate B/W shot.

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