By LesTension


There's still some Fall-blooming Asters out there and the odd bee who can muster up enough heat to pay them a visit. 

It was cold this morning...hovering two degrees above freezing. I had to visit the track to photograph the Paddock Shop exterior for an ad that will be placed tomorrow. That's where I found the asters and the bee.

Not much sleep last night. Too much on my mind and thinking about "stuff" before lights out always leads to trouble when trying to nod off. I stayed in bed for about an hour and then gave up. I'd just shot group and individuals of the newest inductees into the high school's National Honor Society Chapter so I moseyed down to the man-cave and worked on those until 04:00 and then hit the rack. Slept 3 hours and then, after breakfast, headed to the track. 

I even skipped my morning exercise routine. I don't miss too many days...I try to ride 10-15 miles a day on the bicycle and do 30 minutes of weight lifting. This morning just wasn't the morning to be doing that. But I'll be at the gyn early Wednesday morning.

Best in Large.

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