By Charente

Mural in Angouleme.

I already had my blip for today when we went into Angouleme this afternoon. What pops up before my eyes but a mural I have never seen before. We do not go in very often so it might have been there for a few months. Because of the Africa touch of course I fell in love with it. It is at the end of a building about 7/8 stories high, so it is very big.
It was pretty much a wasted trip. The first stop was to go back to the shop with our chairs that are not 8 months old, and one has 'peeling' leather!!!  We complained a couple of months back and gave them photos and nothing happened. Today after many emails, Mr C finally got to speak to a 'real' person,  she had the details on her computer!!!!  Why have they done nothing, she said it had all been sent onto Bordeaux, she will chase them up!!!!!   
The next point of call was the Medical Aid, on arrival there is a notice on the door saying they will not see anyone without an appointment (new rules) - they owe us money! After a few complaints and words I will not repeat here, we came home to try and make an appointment.   The only subjects on the list for an appointment do not fall into our request so tomorrow we will have to try and phone them. Frustrating trying to get anything done here if it is just slightly complicated!!
This morning we had someone come to give us a quote on a new front door. When we moved in 15 years ago, we knew this was going to happen eventually, but we kept doing repairs. It has probably been on the house in all its 200+ years. Lovely old wooden door but it has many problems. We are now waiting for a quote, but they cannot do it anyway until at least March next year. We are still waiting for the repair on the Velux in the bedroom, it was supposedly ordered weeks and weeks ago…… Soon it will be the Christmas holidays……………..
Dinner tonight was the leftover Gabure that I had frozen a few weeks back (not vegetarian)…..we had it with a salad and Brussel sprouts that had been lingering in the fridge!   A tot of Monkey Shoulder afterwards cheered us both up.

Hope that you are all well and having a good week.  Thanks for the visits and the comments, always enjoyed,

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