"Loft P'ay"

I've been hearing about Soft Play for some weeks now, but this is the first time I've accompanied LMB and her mum. It's totally understandable why our little grand-daughter loves going: it's huge fun, gives little tots the feeling of adventure and independence in a safe environment, and builds confidence, while offering the experience of give and take and the bustle of playing alongside other little ones.

Little Miss B had her wellies off the second she was through the door, stowing them expertly in a locker, and was climbing in, though, over, up and round all the different routes and slides in a three-layer maze of activities. Meanwhile, I and my daughter enjoyed a cuppa and snack lunch. LMB joined us eventually for her lunch, too, and then grabbed us both, one in each hand, to join her. It was quite an experience and reinforced empathy with her joy at being there. I did attempt to photograph her in action, but she was a blur every time. Busy busy busy!

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