Over west

I was over seeing my brother today, with a mission to get him a new suit for next Monday’s funeral, which I thought we could do by going to neighbouring East Kilbride. How wrong I was … it appears that very few shops sell suits nowadays inc. Marks and Spencer (apart from in a few select stores). 

Anyway, the upshot was we decided to use the park and ride at East Kilbride railway station to the into Glasgow and get a suit at a shop called Slater Menswear.

I was dreading this, thinking that all would be chaos with COP 26 going on. How wrong was I … the train was really empty, as was Glasgow Central station and we walked to Slaters and got aforementioned suit as well a new shoes very easily. Slaters is so good, in that they measured my brother up and are making some changes to the trouser length, as well as the sleeves and all will be ready for Saturday.

Apart from occasional signage and posters, we did not really anything around that suggested anything different to the normal was going on. 

All sorted within half an hour of getting into Glasgow and then back on the local train to East Kilbride took pick up the car.

Now I’m back home in East Lothian, what a busy day.

I hope you have had a less busy day than me.

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