By LeeAnne


I wimped out of a swim this morning but it’s fair to say that LadyFindhorn is no such wimp. That little black and pink dot is hardy and got in there bare legged. I am beyond such nudity, with my wetsuit, boots and gloves and a woolly hat! Even in the summer months I wear swim leggings. No-one needs to witness my milk bottle tan up
close and it also means there is no need for that leg shaving palaver! Win win!

We retreated to Passeys for a coffee and a breakfast buttie, for which, in truth I felt a fraud and could not class my share as a shivery bite. Delicious all the same though! Next week I shall be in the sea and not wimping out.

Tonight I’m off out for dinner with friends. Wine ahoy so I popped into Aldi for hangover provisions on my way back from Porty. I feel quite smug that I won’t need to go out tomorrow unless I really want to. However I did come home with several things from the middle aisle that I just don’t need. As per usual!

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