By Raestelle

"While I'm On The Subject..."

.....Of Opals...(see my blip of 28/3/13)....I thought I'd show you what a really nice opal looks like - this is the one I was telling you about, which was my Mums, and was from Lightning Ridge...in Australia...and is a solid stone, not a cab, which is a slice..

An opal dealer certainly had his eyes on it when I enquired where it came from as my Mum went to many places..but he wasn't going to get it. I've never had it valued, but I guess I should...

.....So you can see, there are many colors of opals, and to me, this is one of the brightest of them, although we've seen other very beautiful pieces in opal dealers' windows.

.....Mum used to wear it with white mainly and ofcourse looked very beautiful anyway...
I had the chain made shorter to suit myself and sometimes I wear it...

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