Silly Saturday - Passion

People were going silly over the passion fruit flowers at the local markets and I wandered over as I had to see what they were all oohing and ahhing about!
There was a silly moment when I asked a lady if she minded looking a bit silly as she looked at the flower, she looked at me as if I was totally insane and just walked quickly away hahaha!!!  
They are a beautiful but kind of silly flower ;o)

Tonight I’ve just noticed that one of nine night blooming cactus flowers had opened. Its right up near the ceiling so I had to just keep my arms locked and put the flash on and hope for the best with the phone as I just wanted a record of the first flower of the season!  When I looked at the shot I noticed a very enterprising gecko was climbing up the flower and probably going to have a nibble on its nice bits ;o) another silly moment of the day ;o)(in extras).

In memory of admirer, she would have enjoyed the silliness of these moments I’m sure ;o)xxxx

Thanks to KangaZu for hosting x

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