Happy Retirement!

A big day today as our local postie James made his final delivery. He's been the postie here for 18 years and a better, more helpful, dog-loving, cheery chap you couldn't hope to meet. After he completed his round a good number of his grateful mail recipients gathered at the local café/bar to say thanks and give him some cards. We'd had a whip round so were able to give him a gift of some ££££s. A local lad made the magnificent cake (extra) and another neighbour said a few words. James responded by saying that he has loved working in this locality and that this kind of send off could only happen here. I don't know about that but it was a great thing to do to say a big thank you to someone who has worked really hard for us and particularly recently with the increase in online shopping and deliveries.

Now that excitement is over I'm sitting in the online AGM of a third sector organisation which supports girls' education in Malawi and with which I'm a wee bit involved.

At the end of this interesting and informative interlude I'm off to the supermarket. Less interesting but essential.

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