Embrace your inner geek (SilsNov2021)

is what my daughter says I have to do!

Followers of my journal may remember my notion of Random Flowers Day, the reverse of which is random gifts day.  This is where Gill buys me a gift - usually something slightly quirky or otherwise aligned with my geeky side.

When we were in Stow last week, I saw this periodic table coffee mug in the window of a gift shop and in the time I had sent a photograph of it to our children, she had nipped into the shop and bought it for me :-)

Just my opinion, it is one of mankind's greatest ideas, in that when first drawn (~1869) it quickly and simply displayed the known elements and set off a search to fill in the gaps.

Clearly - trying to read it when the mug is full of coffee would be very silly Saturday :-)

Oh dear, my new mobile (Android 11 Moto G10) does not like the Blipfoto app, no images shown, just a grey square.

Thanks to KangaZu for hosting

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