By JohnW

I needed a rest . . .

Three quarters through raking the lawn I needed a bit of a sit down.  Our electric lawn rake has been one of our best buys, and can rake up the leaves at walking pace.  Walking pace these days is a bit fast for this old f**t, so I needed a sit down in the arbour (bottom right) before I finished.
At one point last night things were a bit traumatic for Biskit, but not before dinner - first extra “Who needs a dishwasher . . . ??”.
There were a couple of bangs mid evening, so Biskit decided he needed a cuddle - second extra, and after that it was “Can I get comfy here? - perhaps this is better” at the third extra.
Long walk (for me) with the hound this morning, followed by a late brunch, and took Biskit home to his family early this afternoon.
Apologies for being a bit behind with commenting, may be able to catch up later/soon.

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