Purring Private Jet

Private jets aren't the flavour of this COP26 month but I was intrigued when this purred over this evening. It has an unusual vee-shaped tail, like the Bonanza that the first female American Airlines captain sings about flying for a mortician in Me and The Sky. (Thanks thebear.)

I've never seen or heard of this aircraft before. It is a Cirrus Vision SF50 from Newquay, ostensibly heading for Stansted. However it passed over here with its gear down in the direction of North Weald. Shame it was right overhead as the shape of the plane can't be seen very well. It has a Safe Return system. If the pilot becomes incapacitated a passenger can press a button which engages automatic pilot and the plane will land safely. The registration got me singing Doctor! Doctor! 

Ollie dog was very pleased with herself this morning when she found a huge pine cone. No trees round here with cones like that. I'm guessing Reynard the fox has stolen it from someone's garden. I think it might have been put out as a bird feeder as it looks like it was filled with bark butter. (Extras)  


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